simplicityguy mission

This site’s main mission is to walk through a variety of projects that are interesting to a techie geek.  Posts will be written in an easy to understand fashion, with a focus on how to accomplish the final result.  Also, the site serves as a brain dump of links to interesting findings on the inter-webs.

about Robert Wlodarczyk

Robert is a technologist and engineer, hacking with Arduino, Netduino, and Raspberry Pi. He enjoys all sorts of technology, electronics, photography, and building LEGOs. He lives in Issaquah, WA with his wife and son.  He worked at Microsoft for over 9.5 years in various test and engineering leadership roles. Robert currently is employed at Amazon.com as a Senior Test Lead/QA Manager.

This blog contains Robert’s personal opinions and a record of his hobbies. It does not necessarily reflect the opinions of his current or former employers.