It’s a start to a new year and a new decade! It’s a time for resolutions and beginning new habits. Instead of resolutions this year, I’m setting a few goals for myself and areas to be mindful of throughout the year.

  1. Blogging.  Late in 2019, I picked up blogging after eight years. I’m going to keep the conversation going and aim to put up new posts throughout the year. Topics will include software development, engineering management, tutorials, and possibly other areas as I find new areas to explore. If there are areas of particular interest, please reach out to me via a comment on this post, LinkedIn, or email.
  2. Mentoring.  Also late in 2019, I started mentoring at Galvanize in Seattle as one of their startup mentors. I’ve engaged with two startups, helping review the cloud infrastructure and provide technical guidance as they scale. Earlier in 2019, I helped out in PuPPy with the interview mentoring as well. Sharing my experience and helping out the broader community has been very fulfilling. I’m going to continue those mentoring avenues. Also, I am looking to mentor one or two individuals outside of work.
  3. Learning.  I enjoy picking up new technologies and diving into them. I’m looking forward to working on some tutorials as blog content, and also learn some new areas in technology this year. Some areas may include data pipelines, machine learning, VR or AR, and service meshes.
  4. Photography.  Several years ago, I enjoyed various types of photography. While I don’t currently have any more professional gear, I do want to spend some more time with photography. I hope that by the later part of the year to jump into some serious photography.
  5. Music, particularly Trance.  I’ve been into electronic music for as long as I can remember. This past year I became re-energized. Expect to see a lot more music, club nights, festivals, and concerts throughout the year.

I feel highly energized going into 2020!