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Projects, posts!

Before getting the site all setup, there were a number of posts that I’ve been thinking about writing. As outlined in the first post, I wanted to use this site as a way to communicate various personal projects that I’m either working on or planning to work on. Also wanted to use it as a means to write about interesting topics.

For a few months now, I’ve been playing around with the Arduino. It’s been some time since I’ve done any electronics work… Well, back in college I had taken Physics Electronics Lab, which covered the principles of analog circuits, and Digital Systems Design, which covered the principles of digital circuits. Getting back into electronics has been quite fun, especially with the Arduino. I’ll have post coming up discussing my mini-electronics lab that I setup in the garage and resources I found helpful for getting back into electronics.

Around the same time that I started to get back into electronics, I heard on TWiP from one of Ron Brinkmann’s “Picks of the Week” about the OpenMoCo project. For those unfamiliar, the purpose of that project was to create an open source motion control system using the Arduino as the controller, and (semi-) off-the-shelf parts to create a lower cost dolly/rig for capturing video or photos for time-lapse. I’ve been reading quite a bit about this in my spare time and have started to design and source parts for my version of such a rig. There will be a number of upcoming posts about this work.

Lastly, there have been a few article that have come through my daily RSS feed that caught my attention. For those, I wanted to share some thoughts. So there will be some of those posts coming up as well.