about me

Robert is a technologist, software engineer, and engineering leader. He lives in Issaquah, WA with his wife and two children.

Professionally, Robert has grown into a software engineering manager with a focus around infrastructure. He started his career in software testing, quickly becoming a lead for a small test team. After working in core operating system APIs, Robert moved his career towards focusing on hardware/software interactions and shifted to focus more on leading development teams. He spent the first part of his career at Microsoft for nearly ten years. After Microsoft, he joined Amazon to work the Echo before its original release before moving out of the Pacific Northwest to join SpaceX. After realizing a dream and several life changes, Robert moved back to the Pacific Northwest to join Impinj and later moved to work in AWS EC2. Currently, Robert is focusing on cloud-native engineering at Providence Health and Services’ Digital Innovation Group.

This blog contains Robert’s personal opinions and a record of his hobbies. It does not necessarily reflect the views of his current or past employers.