It’s been a while…

8 years to be exact! A lot has happened in those 8 years. While the journey has been fun, with various twists and turns, it’s been worthwhile. The purpose of this post isn’t to recap those 8 years. What I’d like to do is start up blogging again, with the main focus around writing about the things that I’m really interested in, reflecting back at some experiences and learnings, and thinking out loud.

I started this blog with a focus on simplicity having grown it from a nearly strict .net/Windows/WIC blog in the days where I blogged on MSDN. Simplicity is something that I still find critical, and is expressed in so many different ways. In the past two years, operational excellence of running distributed systems has been an area that I’ve been focusing quite a bit on. This will definitely be a topic that I’ll examine further; looking at how operationally excellent thinking is a form of simplicity.

While reviving this blog, I found all the drafts of posts that I had started 8 or so years ago. Many of the posts were going to be around software testing and electronics-based projects. I may still focus on some of these, but I don’t expect to revive those old drafts. There’s too many new topics and interest areas to jump into.

Here’s a list of things that I’ll jump into at some point in the blog:

  • Python projects
  • Operational Excellence
  • Monitoring and Alarming
  • neo4j and Graph Databases
  • Building tools for internal engineering efficiency
  • Running engineering teams

While listing those is good, this time through I would like to keep this blog going and not stop after a few months or take 8 year breaks between writing. So, onto continuing this journey…